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The Washington State Wikia is still under heavy construction!  Please contribute. It will be open during it's construction, and can always be improved.  It open for people to help edit. The goal is to make this the most extensive and powerful tool for people about Washington State cities, towns, and locations. AJM has created this wiki and fully supports its creation.

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Washington State Wiki NewsEdit

Very basic pages for every county and most sizable towns in the state of Washington have been made. if you add new pages, be sure to categorize the pages in their respective categories, and do proper linking.

We need dedicated writers and contributors! Please help out of you want to make this wiki the go to source for better information then just Wikipedia.

Need to DoEdit

Now that we have added every county and most major towns and cities, we need to fill these pages up with history and photography. We need templates for cities and locations as well.

Latest activityEdit

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