Silverton is a populated place in Snohomish County, Washington. The elevation of Silverton is 1,535 feet.

The coordinates are latitude 48.078 and longitude -121.567. The South Fork Stillaguamish runs through the town.

There are no services in town, but several cabins and homes remain clustered around the Mountain Loop Highway and across the river on Whitton Avenue.

History Edit

Summary: Silverton, WA in the early 1900's. On the right stand the 4-story concentrator of the Copper Consolidated Mining Company. In the foreground, lower right, is a building with the name Bonanza Queen on its sign, but no indication of the type of business. Bonanza Queen was a local mine. Next to the Bonanza Queen is a restaurant. The white building 


Silverton's downtown in 1893.

facing the restaurant may be a storage building of some kind, given the lack of windows. Across the wagon bridge, the first building on the right may be the McElroy and Lee store, owned by Sheridan McElroy and Oliver Lee. The railroad tracks are still in place. Note the utility poles. The concentrator supplied electricity to the town and a telephone exchange existed into the 1940's. The bridge shown was replaced by a suspension bridge. In 1954, the suspension bridge was replaced and the new bridge was constructed to the East, where the present bridge (2014) stands.


Snowy Silverton, 1910.

Silverton's peak years were between 1890 and 1910. The town boasted hotels, saloons, restaurants, grocery stores, barbershops, a meat market, and a post office. When the railway was taken out of Silverton, the depot stood remaining, but the town continued on it's downward decline by 1940. The Copper Consolidated Mining Company was a major employer in the town, as were miners heading to Monte Cristo.

In 1911 and 1912, there were two destructive fires in Silverton.

Power was produced by a concentrator, as well as telephone service up until the 1940's. In 1949, the concentrator caught fire and was ruined.

The Silverton School eventually collapsed in the 1960's. A number of books, desks, and the school bell are being preserved in Granite Falls.

Silverton was split into two sections. The Silverton and Whiten section of town. A bridge connected the two portions of town. A small suspension bridge replaced the old bridge by 1954.

One of the last remaining businesses in Silverton was owned by Albert and Erick Shedin. It was a gas station, general store, and tavern. Albert passed away in the 1950's and Erick took over for a handful of years.

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