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Seven Bays, Washington aerial.


Seven Bays marina.

Seven Bays is a community in Lincoln County, Washington. It is estimated several hundred people live here.


Seven Bays is located on the eastern shore of Lake Roosevelt / Columbia River. To the north is Deer Meadows, Miles, and Fort Spokane. To the east is Lincoln County, and to the south is the community of Hawk Creek, while to the southwest is Lincoln. To the west is the Columbia River.

Services & Recreation[]

Seven Bays Marina is located within the community of Seven Bays and sits along Lake Roosevelt. The marina has a boat launch and guest docking for 150 boats. There is wireless internet, gas, and community store that operates during the day with supplies.

There is a Community Center 7 Bays Road East. There is also a community general store.

Policing is provided by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.


Access to Seven Bays is from Miles Creston Road North. There is also a private airstrip in the center of the community.