Plain is a small community located in Chelan County, Washington.

History Edit

In the late 1800's to early 1900's, Plain was called Beaver Valley, and was settled by the Church of Brethren. The postal service at the time did not accept the name Beaver Valley, claiming it was too long of a name, so the residents asked the postmaster for a "plain" name, thus Plain was born. The Plain post office closed it's doors down in the early 1930's.


Plain is surrounded on all sides by the Wenatchee National Forest and the Cascade Mountains. It is burried deep within the Beaver Valley and located southeast of Lake Wenatchee State Park. Highway 2 is west of the town and can be reached by State Route 207, which turns off onto State Route 209 and becomes the Beaver Valley Road. Chumstick and Leavenworth is to the south.



Unknown date, Plain Post Office.

Plain is a tight knit town today, with a small commercial sector for locals and tourists, but it mostly caters as a center for hikers, and outdoorsmen. Wenatchee National Forest provides many trails, and hiking opportunities while Fish Lake and Lake Wenatchee State Park are just up north.

A few festivals take place in Plain. There is the yearly "Just Plain Fun Run" and yearly "Music Fest." Both are popular among locals and outsiders.