Packard, Washington. Andrew Filer photo.

Packard is a community located in Adams County, Washington. Packard today is simply a few storage houses, silo's and a grain elevator. There are homes in the outlaying area at various farms.

History Edit

The town of Packard was settled in late 1880's by Henry Miessner. His sister and her family located up the coulee nearby. The town was platted in 1909, and established in 1910. Was to be named Miessner, however Henry did not want this to occur. How the name Packard was chosen is not known. The town had a post office from, 1910 to about 1914, 2 grain elevators, many homes, a telephone company, lumber yard, store, post office, and school house. This made Packard an oasis in the desert, as the nearest town with services like these was 12 miles away. The original Miessner homestead is still there, the original house built in 1888, and the main house in 1901. The barn was built in 1890's. The town well can be found to the entrance to the elevators near the phone box. The elevator burned down in 1921 and again in 1946, thus ending the Packard Farmers Warehouse Company.


Packard is surrounded by farmland in every direction. The region is flat and produces a lot of wheat. To find old time Packard, which is a grain elevator and silo, drive along Paha Packard Road.

Directly north is Lamona. East is Marcellus while to the southeast is Ritzville. Paha is south. Jantz and Moody are west.